Legal Services


We handle all types of significant arbitration claims particularly with reference to ICC arbitrations held in England or overseas, ad hoc arbitrations and LCIA arbitrations. We handle arbitrations in house to keep the costs down and to produce the best results, including all aspects of the advocacy involved. We expect our costs in litigation and arbitration to be less than 50% of the costs of our opponents if instructing City firms or similar.


Charity Law

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Company and Commercial Law

Litigation can be avoided if clients take appropriate legal advice at the stage when they enter into legal relationships. It makes sense to instruct us to draft or review commercial contracts of all descriptions. We have particular expertise in crude oil and refined petroleum products sale and purchase contracts, in energy related contracts, including power purchase agreements, EPC contracts for projects and all types of project documentation including joint venture agreements and design, construction, engineering and supply contracts.

We draft all manner of shareholders’ agreements and corporate documentation including acquisition and merger documentation and handle company formation at home and abroad to suit the requirements of clients, and their taxation and commercial objectives.

We handle aircraft sale and purchase as well as aircraft leasing whether “wet” or “dry”, novation agreements and support contracts for repair and maintenance.

Corporate Immigration

We manage and resolve your corporate immigration concerns. We focus on providing strategic solutions; applying expert knowledge and using advanced technologies. Whether for one case or thousands, we deliver clear advantages:

Our specialist business immigration and immigration solicitors provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective advice to organisations wishing to employ overseas nationals.

Many employers rely on being able to hire people from outside the UK or Europe to ensure their workforce has the best skills, experience and qualifications. Recruitment of non EEA nationals from overseas is often essential for positions where there is a skills shortage in the UK or where specialist language skills are needed. Individuals are often keen to come to the UK to work, set up a business or study.

Employment Law

As a Firm, we appreciate that we are often consulted by our clients when they are at their most vulnerable and tenuous junctures of corporate life. Therefore we understand that they require practical and rational legal support. Westbrook Law boasts extensive experience in advising and representing both employers and employees, therefore we are well versed to perceive matters from both parties within the employment relationship.

Dealing with employment disputes can be tedious and exorbitant. It appears almost impossible for employers to keep up to date with current and ever-changing employment legislations which seem to be increasing by the day. Identifying and understanding your rights, and corresponding obligations as an employer is imperative. Hence having meticulously planned and drafted documentation, taking into account by-laws and in-house policies can be of aid to you, and save a great deal of time, money and resources. Westbrook Law has established and implemented the ‘Two Steps Ahead’ scheme, with this in mind our Employment Lawyers, when offering business-focused advice, will not merely centre their advice on current affairs but also take into consideration your future wellbeing and prosperity. This will, in turn, provide the luxury of having contingency plans to safeguard your company/organisation and its reputation from any possible setbacks that could occur in hindsight.
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As an employee, you have specific rights which must be safeguarded. Disagreements and disputes are inevitable. If one arises it is vital to obtain prompt, precise and price-efficient advice so that you will be able to recognise and enforce your employment rights. Since Westbrook Law understands the importance of prompt access to legal advice, our Lawyers are trained to generate and offer efficient, and tailor-made solutions; from assisting through the process of an unfair dismissal claim to drafting watertight contracts of employment.
The majority of our services are offered on a fixed fee basis which will provide you peace of mind and an upfront estimate of your likely and cost. We also offer a range of alternative funding options, where appropriate:
 ‘No Win – No Fee’ agreements
 Hourly rates

Family Law

When a matrimonial relationship breaks down, we understand that one of the most important considerations for parents is the future arrangements for their children. In an ideal world, both parents will come to a mutual agreement as to how this will be decided, this is unfortunately not always the case. At Westbrook, we believe that this is when acquiring legal advice is essential to preserve the wellbeing of all the parties involved, and most importantly for the children.

Westbrook Law recognises that every family set-up is different; therefore we tailor our services to meet the exclusive needs and requests of our clients. When changes occur within a family, we understand that it may be a tough, stressful and emotional ordeal for all the concerned parties therefore we will encourage our clients to reach an agreement where possible

Generally we will encourage our clients to come to an agreement where possible through the appropriateness of mediation or negotiation prior to approaching the Court. Since this is a more collaborative approach, we deem that this will be the more suitable option, as it will provide the opportunity for our clients to preserve their remaining domestic relationship with their counterpart.
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When should you make an application for a Contact Order?

In a situation where a child lives with one parent, a contact order may be necessary in order to allow the child to contact, visit or ‘temporarily’ stay with the other parent, the order will also stipulate how often this can take place for. This is necessary in circumstances where there is a disagreement between the parents in regards arrangement such as to who the child should have communication and contact with.

What is different about a Residence Order?

A residence order is a court order which specifies with which parent the child will ‘permanently’ live. The order will take effect until the child reaches the age of 16 years unless there are exceptional circumstances that warrant an extension, in which case the order will only expire once the child attains the age of 18.

What happens in Care Proceedings?

The council/local authority can commence ‘care proceedings’ if they are concerned about the wellbeing of your child. Unless the level of risk requires the courts to get involved immediately, Care Proceedings will generally only commence after extensive efforts have been made in order to keep the child with their family.

In the event where there has been no progression with the efforts made, the council can apply for a ‘Care Order’. This means the council will have parental responsibility for your child and can determine where your child can live.

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship can be a stressful and sensitive period and it may not always possible to reach an amicable solution. For this reason, Westbrook Law assures that its Solicitors will employ their expertise to usher you through the legal process, making it as trouble-free and straightforward as possible while ensuring that your best interest and financial position are safeguarded.

Once you have made the decision to legally discontinue your marriage, one of the biggest questions that arises is which approach to use in moving forward with the arrangements. There are a range of options available, which we can assist you with when deciding the most suitable option.

When would you need to seek a Financial Order?

If you deem that negotiations with your spouse/ former spouse do not seem to be making any progress or if you cannot reach an agreement on finances then you might consider applying to court for a financial settlement.

You can apply for a financial order if you want, for example:

  • a lump sum payment
  • ownership of a property
  • regular maintenance payments to help with children or living expenses
  • a share of your partner’s pension payments.

What are the benefits of pursuing a Non- Molestation Order?

A Non-Molestation Order is a specific type of ‘Restraining Order’. It is an interim Court Order issued to ‘restrain’ an individual from carrying out a particular action.

If for instance your spouse/ former spouse is using or threatening violence against you or your child, intimidating or harassing you, you can make an application for a Non- Molestation Order to ensure the health, safety and well being of yourself and your child.

What is an Occupation Order?

An Occupation Order is a short term measure issued by the court which sets out who has the right to stay, return or be excluded from the matrimonial/family home, the Order can also set out which parts of a home can be used by whom.

Housing Law

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Intellectual Property

Here at Westbrook Law, we strive to ensure that our clients’ intellectual capital is preserved with precise protection. Intellectual property is one of the most important assets for a business, as it provides companies with stability, competitiveness and a foundation for progression. Our specialist IP team can assist clients with legal advice on a variety of issues pertaining to Intellectual Property, including:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Data Protection
  • Design Rights
  • Patent Law
  • Brand Protection
  • Trade Secrets
  • Social Media
  • Non Disclosure
  • And More

We believe that the purpose of IP Law is to protect and incentivise invention and innovation. We recognise and appreciate the commercial value of our clients’ IP rights, as well as their uniqueness.  Our objective therefore is to help you turn your intellectual thoughts and ideas into commercial reality by providing you the protection required to do so.


Landlord and Tenant

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High Court

We handle a wide range of litigation matters including breach of contract, fraud based claims which may require freezing orders and tracing of assets, actions involving foreign law or foreign law elements, tort, trust and constructive trust claims and many more.

The essential element of litigation, is to determine at the outset what the merits of the claims are and to keep them in mind as the litigation progresses. Too many cases,  with other firms, are only assessed properly in the last few weeks before the case comes to trial, which often leaves the client with a more pessimistic view of potential outcomes when most of the expenditure for trial has been incurred. Particularly if we are considering a CFA or DBA it is essential for us to evaluate your claim in detail from the outset in order to form a realistic view of the likelihood of  success of the various heads of claim and how best to pursue them.

Our City office is a few minutes walk from the Court of Appeal and Queens Bench Division in the Strand and from the Commercial Court and Chancery Division at the Rolls Buildings in Fetter Lane. This enable us to issue claims and applications and be at court speedily, without the need to charge clients for extensive traveling time.

Mergers & Acquisitions

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