Paralegal role:

A paralegal is an essential part of a team for us. They are here to aid the other employees in many aspects of client cases as well as background research in several areas. It is difficult to pin point the class of the role exactly, as there are numerous aspects to this job.

It is necessary to have a certain degree of knowledge surrounding the law. It is preferred if the applicants have already completed some form of legal studying, the most common being an undergraduate degree in law or a diploma equivalent. Whilst previous paralegal experience is not a prerequisite, it is essential that you are dedicated and committed to assisting the team and must exhibit a high level of communications skills.

Trainee Solicitor role:

As we strive for excellence here at Westbrook Law, it is vital that those who become a part of our team follow in suit. Whilst they will be expected to learn numerous areas and work hard, trainees will be given the freedom to build their own style of case handling, with the supervising solicitors there to help when it is needed. Giving trainees the autonomy over their work ethic is another way for our firm to build on its innovative approaches and further build greater relationships with all our clients. In addition to this, we strive to challenge the minds of our employees, for the work to have an impact on the way trainees will interact in certain circumstances. This is something that will be incorporated throughout their chairs, as they will be trained as multi-specialists.

As with a paralegal, a certain degree of legal expertise is required to take up a position as a trainee solicitor. Whilst you do not need to be a specialist in the field, it is essential that you are able to grasp the basis on which the legal issues of clients arise and have a general understanding as to how you would seek to resolve them. Having completed the LPC is desirable, but it is not a prerequisite. We also take into consideration individual personal achievements and talents not relating to law. Most of all, we recruit people who are bright and have a positive outlook on most things.

Qualified Solicitor role:

As with a trainee role, those applying for a qualified solicitor role should portray the same values of those employed at Westbrook law. Candidates should be ambitious regarding enhancing the firm and maintaining rapport with existing as well as building the same with new clientele. We expect our solicitors to have remarkable communication skills and remain committed to supplying the best possible service to our clients. They should also entertain a commercial approach in their line of work and have the ability and some experience with supervising the junior staff’s workload. This all comes back to working, comfortably within a team environment. Evidence of a robust academic background and experience in one or more of our practice areas is also a requirement.