Message from the Director

Westbrook Law upholds a reputation for excellence and for being at the forefront of legal developments. As a firm, we pride ourselves on working closely as a team to provide exceptional quality services to our clientele. This is something that has led to pioneering resolutions of tough legal issues.

Our rigorous work ethic is something that is implemented throughout every aspect of any legal process that we deal with. In addition to this, we also have a varied client list, and aiding them all in numerous transactions. After using our services, clients have found that they are valued here at Westbrook Law, which has led to a great rapport.


Since recently starting up their business in 2014, Westbrook Law Ltd has found itself growing at a decadent rate. The business has expanded to provide many other legal services presently, along with broadening the business by opening two other branches, which are located at the heart of London.

Employers here at Westbrook Law:

We have a team of outstanding solicitors; whose innovative ideas contribute centrally to our reputable services. Their extensive knowledge, experience and versatile approach is an asset, not only to the clients of the firm, but also for the aspiring individuals who wish to join our entity.


Here at Westbrook, it is paramount that we provide an equal and diverse environment for our employees and clients. We strive to treat all individuals with respect and courteousness always. This is also implemented throughout our career opportunities, where our focus when selecting candidates is based on personal merit and the individuals’ abilities.

Westbrook Law Ltd recognises that it is essential to provide equal opportunities to all persons without discrimination. We encourage all employees to act fairly and prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, marital status, part-time and fixed term contract status, age, sexual orientation, or religion.

Abdul Shahul