We are a multi-service firm, who provides legal services in areas including commercial, not-for-profit, regulatory, personal clients and businesses. We work alongside our clients, whether it’s aiding them out of a tight corner or assisting them in fulfilling their aspirations.

Our breadth of expertise means we can tackle complex multi-dimensional cases that may be beyond the scope of many other firms of solicitors. This has led to a significant proportion of our work coming from referrals from other solicitor firms or professional firms.


What separates us from most firms is the principles upon which we uphold ourselves. Those being trust, innovation, and value.

Westbrook Law’s fundamental principal when dealing with matters is to ensure that the clients needs are always met when deciding the path in which a matter should progress.

Whilst this is the sole priority for us, we ensure that we maintain the clients trust in all aspects of our dealings, inside and outside the scope of the law. The skills that our solicitors have acquired and maintained over the years, added with our close knit working relationship, has permitted us to deal with matters promptly and with the clients always kept informed on the progression of their matter.

The approach Westbrook law endeavours to take is one that incorporates innovative methods to achieve outstanding results. However, we value our clients’ opinions as well as their needs, therefore we aim to deliver the outcomes that are requested from us, whilst taking into consideration any preferences or feedback that we receive.

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Landmark Cases

Westbrook Law has won multiple landmark cases during our time and the effect of our work has impacted the legal system on a global scale. We have pioneered resolutions to some of the UK’s toughest legal issues through our approach, principles and ethics. Here are a couple examples of landmark cases:

Yedina v Yedin & Anor [2017] EWHC 3319 (Ch)

This case was against an ex MP from Ukraine where we won a sum in excess £2,000,000.00.

Williams v Federal Government of Nigeria [2018]

In this case we issued proceedings against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Attorney General and successfully obtained an order for £15,000,000 in damages and interest.